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North Korea’s leaders do not value human life or happiness

Pyongyang’s Hunger Games: North Korea’s use of foreign aid to maintain its hunger policies and regime-survival and control.

INTERNATIONAL AID. “We stand before a huge ethical dilemma: Is it possible – and, if so, to what extent – to help starving North Koreans, whose fates depend on us a great deal more than on their government, if at the same time we are forever deceived and systematically blackmailed? An army armed with weapons of mass destruction is, to be sure, a permanent threat to the whole region.

Total humanitarian assistance to North Korea from 1996 to 2005 peaked in 2001 and totaled over $2.43 billion, not including informal aid and aid from China. From 1995 to 2003, formal assistance to North Korea from the U.S. alone reached over $1 billion.

North Korea Starvation

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ISIS have been burying hundreds of children and youth alive in Mosul

ISIS is now beheading children and crucifying youths in their genocidal war against Christians, Yazidis, and whomever else is standing in the way of the caliphate.

A Christian Holocaust is in our midst. We are actually calling this a Christian genocide… Day by day, it is getting worse and worse. More children are being beheaded. Mothers are being raped and killed. Fathers are being hung. Right now, 300,000 Christians are fleeing Iraq and living in neighboring cities.

What, if anything, should be done to stop ISIS from committing genocide?

ISIS Beheading Children, Crucifying Youths


Refugee total from Syria’s civil war passes 3 million mark

GENEVA — The civil war in Syria has forced a record 3 million people out of the country as more than a million people fled in the past year, the U.N. refugee agency said Friday.

“3 million indictments of government brutality, opposition violence and international failure.”

Lebanon hosts 1.14 million Syrian refugees, the single highest concentration. Turkey has 815,000 and Jordan has 608,000.

syrian children dying

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Killing goes on with no regard to law or to conscience

Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, holds executions, amputations and lashings in public squares on Fridays in the areas of the country that it controls, the report said, and urges civilians, including children, to watch.

Gains by the extremist groups as well as a large influx of foreign fighters have contributed to the increasing in violence, the report said.

“Hundreds of civilians are dying each day as the fighting goes on with no regard to law or to conscience,” said Paulo Pinheiro, the head of the commission, which was established in 2011 by the U.N. Human Rights Council to investigate violations of international human rights law.
ISIS war crime
SIS “mass atrocities” and war crimes:
Sectarian Violence | Mass Execution | Suicide Bombing | Beheading | Christian Genocide | Crucifixions |Kidnapping | Burying People Alive | Sexual Assault: Vicious Rape and Murder of Women and Children | Murder of everyone and anyone not a Muslim | Amputations | Public Executions and Whippings…..

Silent is a Crime

* More than 5.5 million Syrian youth have been deprived of schools, food, medical attention, or a safe community to grow up in.
* As of January 2014, more than 10,000 children had lost their lives to Syria’s violence.
* The number of children affected by the crisis has skyrocketed from 1.8 million to more than 5.5 million.
* The number of children displaced inside Syria has more than tripled, from 920,000 to nearly 3 million.
* At least 8,000 children have fled to Syria’s borders without their parents
* One in 10 children — over 1.2 million — has fled Syria, becoming refugees abroad.
* Many Syrian children are in pure ‘survival mode”.
* One in 10 refugee children is believed to be working, doing odd jobs on farms, cafes or car repair shops, or collecting money by begging on the streets.

Syrian Civil War

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Syria deaths at 191000- Its not a number- its people

The International Community failure to act had cost “hundreds and thousands of lives!
The exact figure of confirmed deaths is 191,369, 85 per cent of whom were men and 9 per cent were women. The sex in the remainder of cases were unknown.

At least 8,800 of the victims were confirmed as children, although the age of most victims is unknown.
Syrian children death toll

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Casualties of the Syrian Civil War

“International Paralysis” over nearly three-and-a-half year Syrian conflict

ISIS terrorists film mass execution of 250 Syrian soldiers after forcing them to march through desert in their underwear.

BY Meg Wagner | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | Thursday, August 28, 2014, 12:24 PM

Syria war toll tops 191,000, one-third civilians!

Syrian Civil War

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ISIS Genocide aims for Christian-free Nation

It is a genocide and a crime not just against humanity but against our civilisation by ISIS Islamist Terrorists.
Barack Hussein Obama is largely responsible for this genocide against Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq. His military advisors wanted to leave at least 20,000 residual troops in Iraq to help stabilize the Iraqi government and its army. He rejected their advice — and now we have a genocide unprecedented in recent memory. Thousands are dying horrific deaths and hundreds of thousands are now refugees fleeing to other countries or into the mountains where they’re dying without food or water.

ISIS killing Christians

ISIS Crimes against humanity

ISIS mass killing

Crimes against humanity!
1) “Systematic” beheading of children, infants, men and wome
2) Torture: genital mutilation, dousing faces with acid, poking out eyes, cutting off noses, ears, tongues, hands, feets
3) Burying people alive
4) Mass executions
5) Forced conversions
6) Kidnappings/ Slavery
7) Sexual violence: women were raped and sold, young boys executed, girls enslaved for sexual abuse
8) Children recruited as suicide bombers and as soldiers
9) Systematic and intentional attacks on civilians/ executions in public spaces
10) Murdered Muslims: both Sunni and Shia
11) Christians Genocide/ Crucifixions/ systematic hunting of members of ethnic and religious groups
12) Bomb churches/ pulled down crosses
13) Burning as many as 1,500 ancient Christian manuscripts
14) Desecrated cemeteries
15) Destroyed the tombs of biblical prophets
16) Crimes against humanity…

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Systematically killed on an industrial scale

Although Christians, Muslims and Jews have lived in northern Iraq and Syria for nearly two-thousand years, and at least six hundred years before Islam, today they face extinction across the region.

The world once solemnly promised to never allow another holocaust to happen again. Yet, we have witnessed episodes of ethnic cleansing and genocide repeatedly throughout history. Time and again, the world has stood silent as whole populations and tribes were exterminated, relocated, and forced into destitution.

Today, nobody is running toward the Christians to help them. These people are on their own and they have nothing!
ISIS is killing Christain

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