Month: September 2014

Yazidi women are trafficked as sex slaves, abused and imprisoned

More than 1,000 women and children kidnapped by Isis. Yazidis in Iraq have made an emotional plea for West to help more than 1,000 kidnapped Yazidi women forced into ‘sex trade’.

“We’re a minority here and there’s no strong lobby to support us. We ask for support from those governments that care about human rights and humanity.”

Help the Yazidis:

more than 1,000 women and children kidnapped by Isis.

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Syria Crisis – uprising – violence – refugees

“We are all orphans”- survivor in Syria
10.8 million – People in Need of Humanitarian Assistance in Syria
5.5 million – Children Affected by the Crisis in Syria
6.4 million – Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Syria
3+ million – Syrians Displaced to Neighboring Countries

Help Syrian Children:

Help Iraqi Children:

We are all syrians

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Yazidi – Homeless – Stateless – Nationless

All of the villages around us are Arabs, and they joined with Daash (the Arabic term for ISIL) against us. They are our neighbours. We have known them all our lives. We don’t know what happened to them. They say if we come back they will kill us. They say, ‘we have taken your house, your car, your fields.’ This is why we do not want to go back.

Where is the World?

Help Syria Children |

Save the Kurdish Children |

Yazidi stateless nations and nationless states

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Crisis in Syria- Biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the modern era

More than a million Syrians have flooded into Lebanon. Underemployed and poor.

These people are just trying to keep living while the rest of the world ignores them.

“These are people who have paid the highest price and, in the end, they will explode and the explosion will be a catastrophe for the whole region.”

Syrian children dying

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Syria Has a Massive Rape Crisis

Stolen Future – Casualties of the Syrian Civil War

Some 9 million people have been forced from their homes in war-torn Syria. Many now remain within the borders with no home to go to and no possessions. There are over 3 million refugees, three quarters of them being women and children, seeking safety and shelter across neighboring countries. Many are injured from continuous bombing and shelling. They have no regular food and no income.

More than 6 million children are affected by the brutal, three-year-old conflict in Syria. Men, women and children are suffering through no fault of their own.

Please donate what you can to help children of Syria:

Syrian crisis

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Save Syrian Children

It’s three years later, and the Syrian death toll has likely eclipsed 200,000, with roughly a quarter of the country’s population displaced by the brutal conflict.

Save Syrian Children:

Syrian civil war

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Yazidi Anger At Iraq’s Forgotten People

* Those willing to convert to Islam are married off to militants but those maintaining their faith are trafficked as sex slaves, abused and imprisoned.
* They beat us with cables, starved us and made us wash our faces with petrol.
* They will sell girls to whoever wants to buy them – girls aged nine and over.
* Some men bought two or three, even four or five at once. It’s shameful.
* They took all our girls. The world must help us.
* We’re a minority here and there’s no strong lobby to support us. We ask for support from those governments that care about human rights and humanity.

Save the Yazidi women

As per news reports, hundreds of Iraqi Yazidi girls and women are being held by the Islamic State (IS) militants and sold and bought as war bounty. Torture, rape and killings are part of treatment meted out to these unfortunate souls. There is no trace of more than 200 Nigerian school girls earlier kidnapped by Boko Haram (BH). Sad that all this is being done in the name of religion. But for sure, we all know what IS and BH are doing is not new in the mankind history. Every group and empire had been doing the same in medieval times.

Today, the world has forgotten all that as a horrible nightmare; perhaps IS and BH are here to wake us from the dream that the world has moved forward on human rights and equality. Though the west and regional powers have taken serious note of these ruthless murderers, we need boots on the ground to chase them out. Time is running out – we have to save these poor Yazidi girls and women from the wicked enslavement of IS.

Masood Khan
Saudi Arabia

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The Canadian government pledged $5 million in aid for Iraqi civilians as the Islamic State continued its assault on religious minorities.

They’re not Muslims — they’re actually anti-Islam in their beliefs and the way that they act.

Iraqi (Canadians) Protest against ISIS terrorism in Iraq

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Hundreds of Calgary Muslims protest ISIS violence in Iraq

Canada’s role in ISIS crisis criticized at Edmonton protest

Thousands protest violence against Iraqi Christians at Queen’s Park

ISIS ‘betraying’ Muslims, says Calgary imam before hunger strike

ISIS Raping & Selling Girls As Sex Slaves

Rooms of horror where the women are raped, often by different men and throughout the day.

* They treat us like slaves. We are always ‘given’ to different men. Some arrive straight from Syria.

* They threaten us and beat us if we try to resist. Often I wish they would beat me so hard I will die.

* Some of the youngest girls have stopped talking because of the abuse and were taken away by their captors. Many of the women have attempted to end their lives.

* Sometimes I feel as though it will never end. And if it did, my life would remain forever scarred by the torture I have suffered the past few weeks.

* They have already killed my body. They are now killing my soul.


ISIS Kidnaps, Sells Women as 'Sex Slaves'

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Australian Iraqi Christians stage protest against religious persecution by ISIS

Fight with ISIS Spreads Across the Globe

* Bad people do bad things because good people let them.
* We are here to let the people know of the victims of another silent genocide.
* We must ensure justice for those being crushed.

The Fight Against ISIS

Assyrian Christians protest in Sydney city against ‘silent genocide’ taking place in Iraq and Syria

Singapore, Australia to boost intelligence sharing on jihadist

Australian Iraqis rally against ISIS threat

Melbourne: Iraqis rally against ISIS insurgent group

Christians march in Sydney against killings by ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Hundreds march against ISIS in Melbourne