Month: June 2015

Understanding the Syrian crisis in 5 minutes

Published on Apr 30, 2014

After three years of war and about 150 000 deaths, Syria is more torn apart than ever. But why is this war still going on ? How did the pacific “arab spring” become such a blood bath ? Here are some keys to understand how the syrian conflict turned into a civil, cold and holy war.

No Happy Father’s Day in Syria

Many many Syrian families have lost parents, relatives, children, siblings to the 4 years old civil war… No more laughter in Syria… Children are deprived from food, water and school…














Whole Family was Executed by Syria Assad Regime Shahiba

The Houla Massacre – More photos, more evidence from Syria. 3 years anniversary on May 25, 2015, the killers are still free to continue to kill…

syria houla massacre children

syria houla executed whole family

syria houla executed whole family

syria houla executed whole family

syria houla massacre babies

syria al-houla kill infant  babies

syria al-houla massacre

Al-Houla Massacre by Assad regime Shabiha

Two Females Recount the Horror of Houla Massacre

These 2 women recount watching their closest family members being killed before their own eyes by forces to Bashar al-Assad.

Published on May 27, 2012

This footage, uploaded by Syrian activists on May 27, 2012, was purportedly filmed in Al-Houla in Homs. It depicts a number of women and children who claimed to have survived the Al-Houla Massacre. They recount watching their closest family members being killed before their eyes by forces loyal to Bashar.

survivors of syria assad al-houla massacre

syria assad al-houla massacre two woman survivors


syria assad houla massacre woman survivors


syria assad houla massacre two woman survivors


Lone Survivor of her Family from Houla Masssacre

50 family members of Noura were all murdered in front of her eyes by Assad regime’s Shabiha.

The Houla massacre (Arabic: مجزرة الحولة‎) was an attack that took place on May 25,2012, in the midst of the Syrian civil war, in the town of Taldou, in the Houla Regionof Syria, a string of towns northwest of Homs. According to the United Nations,108 people were killed, including 34 women and 49 children. While a small proportion of the deaths appeared to have resulted from artillery and tank rounds used against Taldou, the U.N. later announced that most of the massacre’s victims had been “summarily executed in two separate incidents”. UN investigators have reported that some witnesses and survivors stated that the massacre was committed by pro-government Shabiha.

syria assad al-houla massacre girl survivor

syria assad al-houla massacre child survivor

syria assad al-houla massacre lone survivor

syria assad al-houla massacre survivor