Month: December 2015

Victims of ISIS- Terror survivors share their stories

Published on Oct 25, 2015

When in August 2014, ISIS invaded regions near Mount Sinjar in Iraq, the terrorists killed and abducted thousands of local Yazidi people many of them women and children who they sold openly at slave markets. The captives have had no one they could count on for help until one man decided to take on ISIS. Learn more at

The Ahmad Project – Give our little brother arms!

9 year old Ahmad lost his grandparents, siblings, uncle, and both his arms due to bombing by Assad in Syria.

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Ahmad, a young Syrian refugee, has no arms. Let us show him how much we care about his medical treatment today and future tomorrow!

Organized & coordinated by Nuday Syria and the Malcolm X Community Servants Corps

Imagine being seven years old and watching your world literally crumble to pieces right before your eyes. Imagine yourself in this situation, and ask yourself what you would do in that situation? What kind of person would you become after going through such a tragedy and what would your attitude be following the destruction of your life as you knew it?

These are big questions and we met a boy with the answers.

Ahmad, now nine years old, is a survivor of the worst tragedy you can imagine. However, from the moment he walked into our lives, he has brought nothing but smiles and laughter, and we are in pure awe of his cheerful and exuberant demeanour. Especially considering his story.

Young Ahmad lost three of his seven beloved siblings as well as his cousin and uncle – all in one instant as a bomb struck his tent in the refugee camp he was staying at inside Syria. In addition to losing five of his family members, Ahmad almost lost his life. He survived – but got both arms amputated.

Ahmad is full of life, light and faith, as you can see from his beautiful face, despite experiences that would rob some of us of our Din (Faith).

Ahmad Project

You see, Ahmad lost both of his arms, along with his three siblings when their house was bombed. However, he did not lose his humanity. What did he do upon landing at Logan Airport in Boston with his father? He went directly from the airport to the masjid, prayed twenty rakats with the Imam, and asked if they could pray more until Fajr [morning]!

Pray for him and his father and allow yourself to be inspired by his courage, faith and goodness. May Allah bless us to do more to end the madness that has befallen far too many of our lands.

-Imam Zaid Shakir

We want to raise funds to help Ahmad with his immediate medical expenses as well as for long-term care as he grows and needs new prosthetics and other services. We also want to ensure Ahmad has a bright future ahead of him so we also want to set up an education fund for him. This kid deserves a chance!

In the few short months Ahmad has been with us in our community here in the Boston area, he has completely captured the hearts of us all. Ahmad has done more for us than we could ever do for him in return. The way he handles his situation with such grace and strength is more than any of us could ever do. The way his smile brightens our day – every day – is priceless and a lesson for us all for life.

We hope to be able to repay him for all the lessons he has taught us, and continues to do, by providing him with the tools necessary so he can continue to share his story of how – even in the worst of times – a smile makes the difference so he can benefit his generation and other communities in the future.

“Ahmad is an exemplary child always caring, always wanting others to win. I remember once in Ramadan, he and another child were sparring in the masjid and he won. We all cheered for him. He immediately said without hesitation, “But we both won! We’ve been changed.”

-Hafiz Na’eel, ICNE Sharon assistant imam

The Ahmad Project was started by youth at ICNE Sharon who run the Malcolm X Community Servants Corps (MCSC). MCSC has teamed up with NuDay Syria is working closely with Ahmad and his father. Nuday the only authorized organization that can collect on behalf of this child. In the case of the fundraiser exceeding the minimum amount of $125,000 and after all medical and living expenses have been paid, an educational fund will be set up for Ahmad and each of his siblings. Any funds raised beyond these needs will go towards other Syrian refugee children with extreme medical needs.

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