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More than 20 different methods of torture used against detainees by Assad regime

SYRIAN REVOLUTION During Arab Spring on 27th Feb 2011, a group of school children in Daraa city in SW Syria innocently wrote on the walls: “Down with the regime”, “Go away Assad”.  The children were detained and tortured. Parents and locals protested. Assad security forces opened fire and arrested protesters. More protests followed and more killings by Assad regime.
It has not stopped…
Human Rights Watch documented more than 20 different methods of torture used against detainees.
Syrian children and boys are subject to Assad regime ill-treatment and cruelty!
— Prolonged and severe beatings with batons or wires
— Lashings with electric cables
— Painful stress positions
— Electrocution
— Burning with car battery acid
— Sexual assault
— Pulling out fingernails or teeth
— Gouging eyes
— Mock execution
— Sexual violence
— Use as human shields
Many were held in disgusting and cruelly overcrowded conditions; many who needed medical assistance were denied it, and some consequently died.
More than 20,000 children have been killed in the Syrian civil war, the United Nations says.

Syria’s Torture Machine – Bashar al-Assad

These photos are very graphic but they are real!  The world needs to know!  You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know. If the photos disgust you, please help to spread the awareness of the Syrian’s Suffering.


“We don’t kill our people,” President Bashar al-Assad said in an American television interview (20/20 Barbara Walter). “No government in the world kills its people unless it’s led by a crazy person.”


Syria President Al-Assad’s Horrendous Torture


Syria widespread acts of brutality against its own citizens


Syria Assad Regime Torture War Crimes


Syrian protestors suffer physical violence, strangulation, homicide, shootings and general assaults


assad syria crimes children


Syria systematic brutality on an industrial scale


Syria’s torture on an industrial scale


Syria Bashar al-Assad the Torture Machine


Syria Assad's torture chambers, age is of no consequence


Syria Assad Regime extreme brutality and killing


President Bashar al-Assad told Barbara Walter: “No government in the world kills its people unless it’s led by a crazy person.”


Syria’s torture machine
By Jonathan Miller, The Observer, December 13, 2011 – See more at:

Syria Forced Disappearance and Rampant Torture

Cases of forced disappearance in Syria started when late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad started to face opposition from citizens in the late 1970s. While he was able to buy elite merchants of Damascus through Badr el-Deen Shallah, the general public was outraged by Assad’s policies in ruling the country and the rise of corruption. From then on, any voice opposing or questioning the Syrian government was silenced by forced disappearance or threats. According to Human Rights Watch, no fewer than 17,000 people disappeared during Assad’s 30-year rule.

Bashar al-Assad took his father’s policy further and considered any voice questioning anything about Syria’s political, economical, social, or otherwise policies should be monitored and when needed, detained and accused of weakening national empathy.

Often forced disappearance implies murder. The victim in such a case is abducted, illegally detained and often tortured during interrogation; killed, and the body hidden. The party committing the murder has deniability, as nobody provides evidence of the victim’s death.

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Torture ‘routinely’ used in Syria

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