More than 20 different methods of torture used against detainees by Assad regime

SYRIAN REVOLUTION During Arab Spring on 27th Feb 2011, a group of school children in Daraa city in SW Syria innocently wrote on the walls: “Down with the regime”, “Go away Assad”.  The children were detained and tortured. Parents and locals protested. Assad security forces opened fire and arrested protesters. More protests followed and more killings by Assad regime.
It has not stopped…
Human Rights Watch documented more than 20 different methods of torture used against detainees.
Syrian children and boys are subject to Assad regime ill-treatment and cruelty!
— Prolonged and severe beatings with batons or wires
— Lashings with electric cables
— Painful stress positions
— Electrocution
— Burning with car battery acid
— Sexual assault
— Pulling out fingernails or teeth
— Gouging eyes
— Mock execution
— Sexual violence
— Use as human shields
Many were held in disgusting and cruelly overcrowded conditions; many who needed medical assistance were denied it, and some consequently died.
More than 20,000 children have been killed in the Syrian civil war, the United Nations says.

ISIS-Finding Ground Zero

Published on Jan 6, 2016

The video is a dispatch report by ANA Press crew from Aleppo, it consists of a documented trip from central Aleppo to the northern outskirts to where Syrian rebel groups are stationed in opposition to ISIS.

This video is hereby translated under full responsibility of ANA PRESS

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SYRIE : Comprendre la Révolution syrienne avec les manifestants syriens

Uploaded on Nov 20, 2011


Cette vidéo est un résumé des événements qui secouent la Syrie depuis le mois de mars 2011, par les manifestants syriens.
Autant que faire se peut, les images filmées par les manifestants, leurs slogans, leur humour, leur danse, leurs chants et leurs réactions sont mis en avant. C’est le message qu’ils souhaitent faire parvenir hors des frontières syriennes, et à l’intérieur desquelles le pouvoir en place a interdit l’entrée libre de journalistes.
Cette vidéo ambitionne également de montrer les caractéristiques de la Révolution syrienne, ce en quoi elle se distingue des autres.

Un soin particulier a été apporté pour éviter les images trop choquantes, qui existent malheureusement. Malgré tout, certaines séquences peuvent heurter les âmes les plus sensibles.

Comprendre la Révolution syrienne avec les manifestants syriens : comprendre la Révolution syrienne du point de vue des manifestants.

A Plea From The Heart of a Syrian Father

We are talking to the people of your country, not the government. the people to see how we are living. The children of Syria are dying! Put yourselves in our shoes. We are humans. We respect humanity. We respect humans.

We are talking to the citizens, to the people. how everyone, especially mothers, feel when their children sleep healthy and full of food, while our children are hungry or sick. How do you feel about that? The father when he goes to sleep feeling desperate because he cannot afford to feed his children, while the child in your country sleeps full.

We are people. We are dying because of hunger. We are dying for lack of healthcare. Just empathise with us as humans. We have nothing to do with the war – we do not like war. We respect humanity in all the regions of the world. We are talking to you, asking you for help, as humans. no more. no less.

Bassam, Father

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Every Day Death Rains Down from the Sky in Syria

“A picture is worth a thousand words!” Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. A 4-years long genocide in Syria is committed by Bashar al-Assad regime and it’s pretty much ignore by the World!

Kayla Mueller: “I am in solidarity with the Syrian people.” For as long as I live, I will not let this suffering be normal!

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Syria President Bashar al-Assad

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